Talks and Seminar


AMSTAT feature, 2021

Pastimes of Statisticians: What Does Arshi Arora Like to Do When She Is Not Being a Statistician?


panelmap at WSDS, 2020

panelmap was invited as a poster presentation at WSDS’20 sponsored by the Caucus for Women in Statistics

BIRSBIO 2020 Hackathon

scNMT seq data encompasses rich information across the transcriptome and epigenome avenues capturing the stages of mouse gastrulation. This data set was challenging in terms of missingness and integration across various data types like RNA transcripts, DNA accessibility and DNA methylation, to understand their role independently and as a cross play with each other defining biological functions.

MS Comp Bio Lightning Talk, CMU

I was invited to present my recent work with current MS Computational Biology students as an alumna.


ISMCO (2019)

survClust was selected as an Oral Presentation at ISMCO’19


survClust poster TCGA Legacy: Multi-Omics studies in cancer (2018)

A sneakpeak of survClust methodology at the TCGA symposium in form of poster